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Given the directives provided by the Platte County Health Department, school is closed through April 24. All school activities are cancelled through that date.
We will still be providing the child meals on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
We will also continue to provide online instruction through enrichment activities. I do not know yet whether we will be able to continue providing paper copies each Friday as was planned. I will provide more information as I receive it.

Two questions from the high school have concerned Prom and Graduation. Prom will not be held as scheduled on March 28. We will attempt to find a possibility for a rescheduled date. It may mean it gets eventually held at the school, along with After Prom. There may not be available places for us to have it otherwise. We simply do not have a good way to plan for this quite yet.

We are not moving the graduation date at this time. It is my hope we will be back to school by then so we will not have to move it. I know that is a heavily pre-planned date by our senior families. We will only move that date as a last resort so it is not yet known if we will have to move it. Honestly, if we tried to move it now I would not even know when to move it to. We will have a graduation ceremony even if it has to occur later in the summer.

Please be patient as we are likely receiving information from officials at the same time as you are. I want to thank the Platte County Health Department for all their hard work as their information and assistance has been outstanding during a time of extreme unknowns. Please email me at karl.matt@nppanthers.org if you have questions.

Karl Matt

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