JH/HS Update

Jr. High and High School Update
Online Learning
Jr. High and High School Parents:
  1. Teachers are currently working on having the most up to date grade book possible. Our first focus is to make sure late, missing, or absent work is collected and graded per class policy. Teachers will be in touch via email, phone call, and remind with these students. Please feel free to contact them as well.

  2. Teachers are currently working on online enrichment assignments for students over the next 3 weeks. Teachers will be giving these assignments on a weekly basis as to not overwhelm students. These assignments are not for a grade at the current time. These assignments will be on Google Classroom, Khan Academy, or another online resource.
  4. Teachers are also creating paper equivalents to these assignments and turning them into the JH office for distribution for those students who may not be able to complete an online assignment. These enrichment assignments will be sent out via email, google classroom, or remind. Paper assignments can be picked up in the JH office starting Friday afternoon. Teachers may start sending out activities as early as today.